Supply Chain Certification - Info Session

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Join us for an informative session on Supply Chain Management Certificates!

Who Should Attend:

Industry professionals interested in exploring careers in supply chain, operations, and project management. This includes individuals from diverse backgrounds such as Pharmacists, Business Analysts, Accountants, IT Professionals, Production Workers, and more.

What to Expect:

Learn about the various Supply Chain Certificates offered, including:

Procurement Certificate: Focuses on the acquisition of goods and services, supplier management, and negotiation strategies.

Supply Chain Planning Certificate: Covers demand forecasting, inventory management, and production scheduling.

Supply Chain Resilience Certificate: Explores risk management, contingency planning, and business continuity strategies to ensure supply chain stability in the face of disruptions.

Supply Chain Technology Certificate: Examines the role of technology in optimizing supply chain processes, including automation, data analytics, and digital transformation.

Supply Chain Foundation Certificate: An introductory course providing fundamental knowledge of supply chain principles and practices.

Why Attend:

Gain insights into the supply chain function and its importance in various industries.

Understand the curriculum for each certificate course and its relevance to real-world applications.

Receive guidance on navigating your career path in supply chain management effectively.

Career Info Session

Join our upcoming Supply Chain Professional Development Event! 

Our tailored roadmaps have successfully guided numerous foreign-trained professionals to transition seamlessly within 90 days of landing in Canada.

Roadmaps to Success:

Supply Chain Career Roadmap

Project Management Career Roadmap

Supply Chain IT Career Roadmap

Job Search Roadmap

Tailored guidance for a successful job hunt in the Canadian supply chain sector.

Numerous foreign-trained professionals have successfully transitioned within 90 days using our professional development activities and training.

Starts 11 AM CST Saturday, Feb 24

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Saturday February 24, 2024
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